Shayla Stonechild

As an Metis and Nehiyaw Iskwew (Plains Cree Woman) from Muscowpetung First Nations,  Shayla Stonechild, has always been a catalyst towards Indigenous youth and women unlocking their full potential. By reclaiming their voices, bodies and spirits that have been silenced and stolen throughout history. There is a shift happening in humanity right now and she believes the arts, meditation, movement and reclaiming an Indigenous worldview is a part of amplifying that shift.  


From growing up around her mother’s performing arts company, and continuing on to graduate from “Vancouver Academy of Dramatic Arts” and “Vancouver School of Healing Arts”. She has always been active within her community. Shayla has received the title of the “Metis Youth Ambassador of Alberta” and was a finalist for “Miss Teen Canada” representing her hometown, Medicine Hat. 


Recently, Shayla wrapped up hosting Season 3 of APTN’s “Red Earth Uncovered”. Additionally, she is a trauma informed yoga instructor at "CMMN GRND" with over 500+ yoga teacher training hours and is listed internationally as one of the Top “20 Yoga Instructors of Color to Watch in 2020”. She is a part of Vancouver's Diversity and Inclusion committee with Lululemon.


Furthermore, Shayla is the founder of the “Matriarch Movement',' a non-profit organization dedicated to highlighting Indigenous voices and providing wellness workshops to BIPOC women across Canada. She has partnered with “SNIWWOC” and the “Native Women’s Resource Centre of Toronto” to make these workshops more accessible. Shayla has a podcast signed with producers, “The Brand is Female”, that focuses on amplifying Indigenous women’s voices and how they reclaim their power. You can listen to the “Matriarch Movement” on Apple and Spotify.


Shayla is an annual brand ambassador for Silk and Telus. She has a history of collaborations and partnerships such as: Paris Jewellers, RBC,  Audible, Saje Wellness, Purolator, Poppy Barley, DoorDash, BC Women’s Foundation, The Body Shop and Lululemon. Shayla has been interviewed by CTV, APTN, CBC, The Social and ETalk. As well as featured in Vita, Basenotes and Hello! Magazine. In March 2021, she became the first Indigenous woman to be on the cover of “Yoga Journal” magazine across Canada and the United States.

“Through our Indigenous way of knowing - we have each been given a toolkit from the Creator and we are meant to share it will all of society. To come together to unite and learn from each other. I hope to be a part of the waves of transformational change.”- Stonechild